What This Woman Saw In Her Phone Will Keep You Wondering.

People nowadays trick people to get the belongings. Some scam people on the internet whiles others scam people face to face.
We have seen several videos on the internet showing moments 419 victim's were being scammed.

This is what happened to a woman who's name is unknown. She saw a man on the street selling phones.

The woman not knowing much about phones bought the phone not knowing is fake. The scammer sold to her a Samsung Galaxy s9 phone for GHC 300.

The woman was excited because she bought an expensive phone at a cheaper price.

When she got home,she decided to charge the phone. She put the phone on charge but the phone wasn't charging. She decided to check the battery.

When she opened the phone, she saw mud inside the phone.

Shine your eyes because people are tricky nowadays. Thanks for reading.

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