Man Severely Beaten After He Was Caught Red Handed Turning Off Oxygen Supply For Covid 19 Patients.

Lots of people engage in evil acts just to benefit themselves. The love of money makes people do lots of evil and unthinkable deeds. Such people do deserve the punishment given to them after they are caught.

A video that is circulating on social media and has gone viral shows the moment a man was being beaten mercilessly for an evil act he was caught red-handed doing.

According to reports, the man was caught turning off the oxygen supply for covid 19 patients for them not to be able to breathe.

The man according to reports owns a commercial truck that he uses to carry dead bodies and take them to the crematorium.

The more dead bodies he transport, the more money he earns. So it is believed he wanted to kill the covid 19 patients so that he earns more money by transporting the dead bodies.

This man should be arrested and jailed because this is a murder attempt.

How can one be this evil? What do you think should be done to this man? Let us know what you think in the comment section.

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