Man Pours Hot Water On Her Wife Leaving Her With Severe Burns.

A woman who goes by name of Linda aged 23 was severely injured by his husband for not preparing supper.

Linda made it clear that his husband never does his responsibility as a father and a husband.

"I work harder and prepare food for the family with the little money I earn as my husband will not give me any money to prepare food but will ask for food when he comes home" Linda added.

Anytime he comes home and there is no food, he beats me like a thief. He beats me mercilessly Linda added again.

"Yakubu came home and there was no food. Out of anger, he beat up his wife and poured hot water on her" an eyewitness disclosed.

The victim was taken to the hospital and is receiving treatment. Yakubu is now on the run as he is refusing to face consequences for his actions.

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