This Happened To These Two Thieves After They Were Caught Trying To
Rob A Shop.

The rate at which robbery goes on currently is very high. Most people nowadays want to earn money so that they buy big and expensive things.

Poverty too is also a factor of the high robbery rate of late. Others too engage in a robbery to make quick money.

According to reports and eyewitnesses, two thieves tried to rob a store at 8:00 am but their attempt failed. As they were operating, someone saw them and called the police.

The police upon hearing this rushed to the place. When the police got there, the thieves were being beaten by the youths in the area.

The fast arrival of the police saved the thieves from being lynched to death as the policemen calmed the angry mob. The ages of the thieves ranged from 24 - 26 according to reports.

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