Woman Destroys Boyfriend's Car She Caught Him Having Dinner With Another Lady.

Breaking of hearts in relationships has become a problem for many people as they feel their spouse broke his or her trust.

Some cry when their partners break their hearts as they weren't expecting it. Some also get angry at their spouse when he or she cheats.

In a video circulating on social media, a lady was seen smashing her boyfriend's car because she caught him having dinner with another lady red-handed.

The boyfriend was helpless and was watching his girlfriend smash his car as he couldn't stop her. The boyfriend was very embarrassed as many people came to the scene.

None of the people around even went close to stop the woman because she could have hurt them due to his angry she was and she had a weapon on her too.

Now the boyfriend needs to repair the car and with his, the car was smashed, it is going to cost a lot.

The girlfriend shouldn't have smashed the car as the boyfriend can sue her. What do you also think? Thanks for reading.

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