Representatives of political events pledge to uphold peace

 Representatives of political events pledge to uphold peace

Representatives of political events withinside the Garu District withinside the Upper East Region have pledged their dedication to keep and preserve the peace withinside the district.

The representatives, who pledged to liaise with the safety organizations to keep the peace, made their dedication at an Inter-Party Dialogue Committee (IPDC) assembly on Preventing Electoral Violence and Providing Security to the Northern Border Regions (NORPREVSEC) held on the Conference Hall of the Garu District Assembly.

Present on the assembly have been the New Patriotic Party (NPP) Constituency Chairman, Mr Bagre Abraham; the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Constituency Chairman, Thomas Laar Mate; the Convention People’s Party (CPP) Constituency Chairman, Ben Yussif Lambon, and a consultant of the Ghana Union Movement (GUM), Mr Ibrahim Bagre.


On behalf of the NPP, Mr Bagre referred to that leaders of the political events simply as their participants interacted amongst themselves each day. “We take a seat down collectively, devour and drink collectively. There isn't anyt any want in harbouring enmity amongst ourselves simply due to the fact we belong to distinct political events,” he stated, including that “uncle Ibrahim for instance, is my uncle.

I am withinside the NPP and he's the constituency founding father of GUM”. “Those are the political events we've selected to belong to. All that politics method is which you promote your concept, I promote my concept. The concept majority of the humans pick is the concept that wins, for this reason there's no want for us combat each other due to political celebration affiliations,” he stated.

For his part, Mr Laar recounted the paintings of the NCCE and gave the warranty that the political events might paintings collectively to keep the peace withinside the district. “As participants of the equal family, we're for the peace and the fulfillment of the Garu District.

“We have taken the recommendation the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) has given today,” he confident the humans.


In his presentation on Preventing Violent Extremism, the Garu Police Commander, Superintendent of Police, Mr Adangabe Akante-Banaam, recommended residents to collaborate with the safety organizations and all stakeholders to combat towards violent extremism.

He advised citizens to stay calm and document any suspicious characters to the safety organizations to guard the peace and protection of the area.

The Deputy Co-ordinating Director of the Garu District Assembly, Mr Samson Azure Alhassan, suggested the contributors to assist save you violent extremism which threatened Ghana’s democratic gains.

The NCCE Officer-in-fee of the Garu Directorate, Mr Samuel Akolgo Atando, who spoke at the National Security Strategy and National Framework For

Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism, advised the contributors to maintain growing recognition on stopping violence, extremism and making sure the adherence to Human Rights and Rule of Law.

He advised contributors to enroll in neighbourhood watch/network patrols to beautify network surveillance efforts, in addition to create recognition at worship centres, and be searching for viable symptoms and symptoms of radicalisation a number of the youngsters of their communities.

Explaining the rational of the IPDC, Mr Akolgo referred to that it changed into set up through NCCE to inspire dialogue, political tolerance, sell peace and clear up conflicts before, at some point of and after widespread elections.

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